Children’s Party

Our kids party planning service is magnificent and children have a blast time. We take away the stress of planning your child’s party and ensure everyone gets to the party at the appropriate time. These include the birthday boy/girl, mummy/daddy, food, entertainment, party bags, music, activities, decorations and a whole lot more. We work together with the child and parent in planning the party, and help develop an imaginative and creative party that is second to none. Eden Mobile Creche party planners work with the imagination of the child and a bit of our creativity is added to spice things up. We plan corporate children’s party and ensure that the fun of the party is not lost.

We work with budget from as little as £12 per child, for a minimum of 10 children up to the age of 12 years for minimum of 4 hours, with the aim of planning and providing the best children/kids party.

We offer:

Handy pack: Children taking a party pack home leave with memories of the fun they had at your event or party. We provide child friendly party pack for your young guest, which is full with resources to take home and enjoy. Our activity/handy park is from £5.00 per pack. Each pack has 5 items; a book, art/craft item, colouring book, writing pad & creative pen (All age and gender specific).

Bespoke Children’s Birthday Party Invitation Cards: Children bespoke themed invitation cards are provided to invite the kids to your child’s party. Your kid’s bespoke invitation card will include your child’s picture and a themed character of your choice. Our Bespoke children’s birthday party invitation card are gloss finish and cost 0.25p each, with a minimum order of 10 invitation cards.

Theme title: If you want your young guest to have a dress up theme for your party or event, this will be great for you. Children love dressing up. Providing a party theme for them gets them excited and more involved in the party. Using popular and familiar themes with children at parties and events provides more fun and enjoyment for children. Eden Mobile Creche party planners can provide activities that will include your chosen party theme or you can leave it to us to surprise you on the day. Click to see the various children party themes and activities we offer.

Party finger foods: Children enjoy finger food as they are able to show their independence and use their self-help skills. They find it enjoyable that they can serve themselves at their own time. We provide healthy finger food options for your young guest, which they will find enjoyable. Chocolate and Drink fountain can be added to the choice of finger food provided for children. Have a look at the list of our kids food options.

  • Children Birthday Cakes can be supplied by us.
  • Face painting services are provided individually for organisers that require face painting.