Training Course

Eden Mobile Creche childcare course is there to help childcare practitioners and parents develop a more confident approach to childcare practise and the profession. Our childcare training help demonstrate the understanding of maintaining high standards within the childcare profession, which is a respectable and worthwhile career.

All our childcare courses aim is to help childcare practitioners maintain the passion, professionalism and practise within the childcare sector. Our Childcare trainings can be provided to large, medium and small organisations that aim to empower, enlighten and up-speed their children and family section. Training can be delivered at a venue or location of your choice and a maximum number of attendees of your choice.

We are flexible is delivering bespoke training of your choice. All that’s need is a topic or subject relating to children, families or parenting and the delivering of the training can be left to us.

Anyone can benefit from childcare training, this include:

  • Nannies;                          Early Years Practitioners
  • Childminders;                Nursery Nurses
  • Teachers;                         Class Room Assistants
  • Au Pairs;                          Parents
  • Childcare Students;       Childcare Business Owners
  • Nursery Managers;        Anyone interested in the childcare profession

Some past comments about our training:

I found the aspect of learning about different types of child abuse useful.

The discussion and sharing of other people’s opinion and experience during the course was useful.

The training helped me in recognising abuse and how to report it.

The training provided an atmosphere of interacting, listening and explanation of practical experiences.

The whole course was useful and it provided me on how to write child abuse report and the usefulness of work diary.

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