Childcare Consultancy Service can help take your childcare business to the next level. The services include:

  • Provides one-to-one bespoke consultancy and training for business, organisations and companies.
  • Focuses and explores different steps the client needs in improving the childcare services for their company or organisation.
  • Help with individual consultancy child care service and team building training services.
  • Work Life Balance
  • Provide support at the point where the client needs it the most.
  • Advice on the best possible childcare answers/suggestions for the client.renny adejuwon
  • Help and support with OFSTED registration process, policies and paper work.
  • Professional understanding on the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Support and guidance in childcare related courses and qualifications.
  • Support and guidance on getting an OFSTED acceptable premises.
  • The differences between the childcare settings, what OFSTED wants from each and how to meet the requirements .
  • Who can benefit from our childcare consultancy and training service:
  • Clients who may be starting out in the childcare business for the first time.
  • Clients that have already started in the business but need more business structure and sale.
  • Individuals that want to develop the right and essential tools in their childcare business.
  • Companies that want to improve staff moral.

Session rates depend on the needs and requirements of each client. As each need and requirement varies, session will be tailored to meet with your professional needs. Session can be based on single session to help develop direct results and solutions or it can be based on several sessions to help birth, develop and grow the childcare business you have  always wanted.

Renny Adejuwon, educator, consultant and director at Eden Mobile Creche, provides our professional childcare consulting services. Renny works with individuals, companies or organisations that need help in improving their child care services and training. Her techniques are innovating and creative in motivating everyone within her immediate environment and taking childcare to the next level of achievement. As every client has different needs, Renny is there to help provide the support and help needed for each client.

Renny Adejuwon can contribute in making your childcare business dream a reality and assist you every step of the way. She understand that maintaining high standards within the childcare profession is a very respectable and worthwhile career. Renny will work with you in identifying the right support you need for your child related business. Her enthusiastic approach will inspire, motivate and help birth your childcare related business. Follow her on WordPress, linkIn and Instagram.