Wedding Creche

Weddings just wouldeden mobile crechen’t be the same without children. However, sitting for long periods through the wedding church service and speeches can be challenging for both children and parents. Our wedding mobile creche service benefits the children, parents and guests alike. Children have a fun filled memorable time within the wedding Creche, while parents have a few hours to enjoy the more “grown-up” parts of the wedding day.

Our wedding creche/childcare service can commence from a day before the wedding, the Church/Registry service, during the reception and run throughout the wedding speeches and party after which the children generally like to return to their parents, get ready for bed or enjoy the evening entertainment and join in the fun. However, we can tailor the wedding childcare service to your requirements.

Our professional wedding creche service include feeding the children with food provided by the clients, baby facilities, sleeping facilities, private space for mothers to breast feed and many more fun activities, and games. We offer wedding babysitter if you do not want the full works of our wedding creche. We are happy to provide wedding babysitter if that is your need.

Eden Mobile Creche has several innovative and creative wedding creche service package needs to suite every wedding budget. These wedding mobile child care service include:

  • Diamond wedding mobile creche service include; Venue analysis (within London and depending on when creche service was booked), Risk Assessment, OFSTED Registration, Qualified childcare practitioners, CRB checked childcare practitioners, First Aider, Feedback report, Insurance, Set up and tidy up time, see-saw, Space Hooper, Nintendo Wii/Play Station 3, Movie station, slide, table top games, ball pound, construction, role play, games, reading, ride on, arts & crafts, colouring and lots more fun activities.
  • Platinum wedding chaperons or baby sitting service include; DBS/CRB checked childcare practitioners, Qualified childcare practitioners and Feedback report.
  • Wedding activity/handy park for as little as £5.00 per pack. Each pack has 5 items; a book, art/craft item, colouring book, writing pad & creative pen (All age and gender specific).

These wedding creche services are a most meet for every wedding budget. No wedding creche package is better than the other and you will still be getting a first class professional service from us. If you want to extend the hours of the wedding creche or wedding childcare service to cover the wedding ceremony and/or evening reception do let us know. Our wedding creche service can include:

  • FREE a nappy service for two years old and under,
  • FREE healthy snack,
  • FREE venue analysis,
  • FREE risk assessment.

We are the leading mobile creche company that provide these services. Our creche services are cover under our insurance. Eden Mobile creche welcomes business partnership with wedding planners, wedding service users and wedding suppliers.