Corporate Creche

Eden Mobile Creche provides professional contracted creche services for the private and public corporate sector. We are there to provide creche and childcare services for private organisations such as Training organisations,  Airports, Hotels, Super stores, Shopping centres, Shopping malls, Leisure centres, Fitness centres and any corporate sector that wants to provide services to children and families. Public sector organisations such as NHS, Children Centres, Charity organisations and government offices that need creche services can contact us for more information.eden mobile creche

As families and parents enjoy having or taking their children with them on outings, having a creche service included in your service will identify your organisation has been children and family friendly. Parents want to have their children around and spend the limited time together but because of limited organisation that provide child friendly environment, parents are unable to make use of such services. A creche service, included in your service, will have an impact on your business by encouraging:

  • More revenue for your business.
  • Organisations, parents, families and schools seeing your business as a child friendly environment.
  • Families and schools to make use of your airport and hotels knowing there is a service that can provide a fun, safe, secure space and activities for their children, while waiting for the flight.
  • A place the children can be busy with activities and give parents more time to book in for the flight.
  • Reduce the risk of children running around or going missing in the airport, super store, shopping mall, shopping centre.
  • Families and parents to make use of your leisure centre and fitness centre knowing they can bring their children along to the creche.
  • More Weddings, events, occasions to be booked through your hotel, leisure centre.
  • More customers like Parents, families and schools to book flights from your airport knowing there is a creche service they can use.
  • Children to tell their parents and families to shop at your shopping mall, shopping centre, super store knowing they have a place to play and enjoy fun activities.

Eden Mobile Creche service can include a nappy service, healthy snack, venue analysis, risk assessment and complementary face painting(T&C). We are the leading mobile creche company that provide this free service. All our creche service are covered under insurance. Send an email to requesting for our corporate creche booklet.