How to get your child party-ready in record time

Every child loves a party! Balloons, games, screaming, cake – there are so many things to enjoy. For parents of little ones it often feels like a lot of parties come around at once. In the autumn months especially you can find yourself attending a children’s birthday party every other weekend if you’re not careful. And of course like everything when it comes to parenting, there’s more to attending these events than meets the eye. As anyone who’s taken a child to a social gathering or celebration knows, there’s actually quite a lot you need to do beforehand and during to be adequately prepared for any eventuality. To help you make sure you are the parent who knows exactly what to do to get your child party-ready in record time we’ve got some expert tips. From having a birthday present at the ready to knowing how to remove chewing gum from clothes, read on for handy info every parent should know.

how to get your child party ready 2

  1. Find a few good outfits

The last thing you or your child want to be doing on the day of any party is thinking about their clothes. If you find yourself doing last minute preparations and clothes become an issue, there’s almost certainly going to be some kind of tantrum involved. Save yourself the trauma by having some agreed party-ready wear sorted with your child well ahead of time. If needs be take them to the shops and get 2-3 party outfits that both you and your little one are happy with. That will see them through even the most hectic party season and avoid any stressful arguments on the day itself.

  1. Collect presents all year round

If you are planning outfits well in advance, it’s important to do so for presents, too. Convention states that you must bring something for children when they are having a birthday, but don’t worry – if you have a stash of fun toys for a range of children’s ages, you’ll be able to pick out an appropriate gift in no time. Watch out for fun gifts all year round, then just keep them in a safe place at home. You can even save money by getting gifts in the seasonal sales!

  1. Plan for emergencies ahead of time

Children’s parties are a prime time for unexpected events and little accidents. As any veteran parent knows, most of these things can be dealt with without too much hassle, but it’s much less stressful if you are aware of the right thing to do in advance. For example, be aware of stain removal procedures for things like jam, jelly and chocolate on children’s outfits and stock up on a few handy tricks, like how to remove chewing gum from clothes; this article has some useful tips if you’re not sure. Always have emergency contacts to hand and let the host parents know how to contact you if you are leaving your child at the party for a while.

Those are our top tips when it comes to surviving this term’s birthday parties (and next term’s). Just remember to have outfits and presents stored up in advance. With a little bit of prep in advance, the children’s party season will fly by!

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