Eden Mobile Crèche, with parent company OMDG, is a family business aimed at providing the professional, safe and secure environment for children. We take the childcare stress of looking after children with values based on safety, trust, quality and ‘Fun-Joyment’ play. Our innovative and creative crèche service is about providing safe and trusted quality mobile crèche service, with the aim of transforming any space into a child-friendly and fun atmosphere. We work in partnership with parents, in meeting their children’s need, and build a trust relationship with looking after their children.

eden mobile crecheEden Mobile Creche professional childcare services have developed and evolved. We not only focus on mobile crèche or mobile childcare or travel childcare, but we also provide other childcare services to meet the needs of clients that may want other services. Such childcare services include:

  • Childcare Training,
  • Childcare Business Consultancy,
  • Hotel Babysitting,
  • Empowering Successful Parent.

With our creche service, children get to choose from fun and enjoyable activities within the mobile crèche, not getting bored easily due to the option of choice. Providing quality crèche and mobile childcare service are what we are about, and developing a relationship with our clients, children and families. We provide wedding crèche service, party crèche service, training crèche service, corporate crèche service and events crèche service

Eden Mobile Creche believes in providing professional and great quality childcare service at every cost and does not believe in subsidised rate for subsidised service. Our mobile crèche/childcare service is there to meet the needs of clients, children and families, keeping them happy with lasting great feeling of enjoyment. Watch our different childcare services on EMC TV Channel.

Eden Mobile Creche is an award-winning childcare company and will continue to be. Our aim is to be an innovative and creative childcare company and ensuring that companies, organisations, parents, children, business associates and learners continue to recommend our service. Meet Renny Adejuwon, who also started a boy’s  footwear brand, D and D boy’s shoes.